Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just a start

It has been an amazingly busy year. Here are a few of the highlights:

Ethan (6) - He is amazing. When he isn't going to school and challenging his teachers to think of something to teach him he is at home teaching himself. He recently taught himself to count to one hundred in Cantonese and has been working on memorizing the bones in the human body. He loves to read anything from story books to his sisters to home medical journals.

Emma (4) - She is hilarious. Her favorite thing to do is to make people laugh. She is taking after Ethan being a little smarty pants as well. She has been loving her preschool class and her tumbling classes as well

Rory and Bailey (2) - They are definitely giving us a run for our money. They are best friends and love to do everything together. They love it when they get to go to Emma's preschool and pretend school too. Rory never stops, she runs everywhere she goes and wants to try everything the big kids get to do. Bailey is the youngest (by a whole minute) and loves to be the baby. She is content to sit back and observe and let Rory do all of the exploring for her.

Greg and I have been doing really well. A year and a half ago we went out on a limb and bought the only firm here in Winslow. Working for ourselves has been quite an adventure but the lord has surely blessed us this far. I get to work two days a week handling all of our billing and accounting. It is so much fun to get some time with Greg away from the kids and every now and again to watch him in court. I really am impressed with all he is able to do. This Sunday he gets to start on a new adventure as the Elder's Quorum President (shh it's still a secret :)! I am once again working with the Young Women and I love it! I also help teach our preschool co-op. It is a great time and an amazing group of kids.