Thursday, April 29, 2010

Holy Creepy!

So I thought I wouldn't just creep out my Facebook friends but that I could spread the creepiness around! Today the twins and I rode to Sanders with Greg and on our way home Bailey needed a potty and NOW!!! Luckily we were right by the exit for this little rock shop/ tourist trap so we thought we would pull in and let Bailey use the restroom. Doesn't look too terribly bad right? Right? (please don't judge me for taking a four year old here.)

So we pull in and something seems just a little off about this place. The cars have all obviously been there FOREVER and there is nobody in sight. Then we saw her, peeking around a cactus skeleton:

And then, up in the sky, we see this armless beauty trying to tame this, umm, dinosaur?

We step a little closer and there she is, the shy girl from the cactus skeleton in all her, er, glory!

So those red cups are all empty and glued to that bench. Do you think that she drank them all and if so, is that why she needs to be tied to the bench? To keep her from falling over?

Well there you have it, a short chronicle of our adventure into Creepy Town. I'm telling you if had heard a banjo start up I was freaking out of there!!