Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So we have had bonk, after bruise, after owie lately!  Sunday Emma was playing outside and she kept falling down until finally she ended up in tears and looking like this:
Emma was so upset and crying so I was holding her and she sobbed to me, "it - is - all - over - for - me."  I held back my smile and I asked her what she means it is all over for her.  She replied, "Running around and playing was the best thing in the world for me and now it is all over for me because I keep falling down, don't you understand? That means it is the end for all of my running and playing!"  Oh the drama!!

What I love best about this picture is that it is exactly like a picture my dad still carries of me in his wallet, skinned nose and all! :)

Then today we were at playday and all of the kids were running wild, which is normal and kind of the point, but then Rory walks into the gym crying, sort of, and saying, "I have an owie."  So I said "oh no come here."  She kind of stumbled around and kept saying "I have an owie."

Then I saw the blood dripping down her hair.

I ran over to pick her up and rushed her into the kitchen where Allison and Lani and I tried to check out her head and then we saw the awesome gash in her tiny noggin.  Allison just looked at me and said, "go, take her to tom's (Dr. Greenwood, aka world's most awesome doctor) office right now we will take care of your other girls."  Which I did.  And yep she needed stitches, well glue to be more exact.  The girl never cried!  She even sang to Dr. Greenwood while he glued her head shut.  She is amazing.  And so are all of my friends who were at playday and so willingly took my girls home with them so that I could focus on helping Rory.  Here are some pics of her owie, they are gruesome so remember I warned you! 

The gash is close to 2 inches long and so deep it was probably as deep as my pinky nail is wide!  Such a trooper!  I am thinking we might want to bubble wrap Ethan and Bailey before this trend continues! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hooray!  Robin is out of the ICU!!  She was moved yesterday and after a little scare and then some more improvements they have decided that they are no longer fighting a disease and so she can be moved to the rehab unit.  She will be having 6 hours of therapy every day and the doctors are confident that all is going well.  Yesterday she raised her left arm as a reaction to her yawning, when they asked her to do it again she wasn't able to, it was an automatic response not a controlled motion.  Her left foot has also started to wiggle a little under her sheet, once again it is something she isn't controlling but the doctors say that these spontaneous movements show them that the nerves are still there and waking up and working and that now they just need to teach her brain to use those connections again.  She also has had feeling return to some of her toes in her left foot.  So basically all is going well, we are excited about her progress, there is still a long way to go but we are so grateful for how far she has come and for all of the ways the Lord has and continues to bless us all.  Thanks everyone for checking on her, it really helps to hear how much people care. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis

Yep, try and say that 10 times fast.  That is what my beautiful amazing sister in law Robin has right now.  Last Thursday she was flown to Barrow Neurological Center because she had lost the ability to move.  This is where they found out that she has swelling in her brain that is causing her to lose motor function and other painful symptoms.  (For a better description click here.) She has been in the ICU for the past 12 days. She has been undergoing a procedure called plasma pheresis which basically functions in a way similar to dialysis.  Basically they stick an in tube and an out tube in Robin and they take her blood out and into this machine that cleans the blood of the extra proteins and other things that the doctors believe are causing this swelling.  The doctors have said that they feel they are seeing vast improvements!  Yesterday we finally got some more good news.  She has been able on one occasion to move her left eye on purpose and to move her finger on her left hand as well.  There is an excellent chance that she will be leaving the ICU the first part of this week.  They will move her probably to the telemetry unit where she will be monitored 24 hours a day but there aren't tubes and craziness everywhere.  The doctors expect her to be in the Hospital for the next 6 weeks though.  The doctors are very optimistic about her prognosis she has some serious physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy ahead of her but with the prayers of the MANY wonderful friends and family who love and care about Robin we have faith that all will be well.  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh man, these kids crack me up!

So the kids have given us some more funnies that we wanted to share.

The other day Ethan was really frustrated because I told him no about something so he declares, "I am getting so mad I am about to start cussing!"  After I stifled a giggle I asked, "Oh yeah what cuss words do you know?" Then with all the anger he could muster he tells me, "I know Stupid, Shut-Up, Duh, and Dumb."

Whew! That was a close one! :)

Then this is an oldie but a goodie:

When the twins were little we had to have a talk with the older kids explaining that under no circumstances were they EVER supposed to wake up the sleeping twinners.

Greg: OK guys, rule #1 is NEVER wake up the babies. Now tell me what is Rule #1?

Ethan and Emma: Never wake up the babies.

Greg: Right! Good job guys.

Emma: And Rule #6 is never wipe boogers on your shirt, (short pause) ONLY on your pants. Right mom?

I can't wait until she has kids and they are disgusting and I can read this back to her!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Digital Photography 101

So I have been taking a digital photography class in Holbrook and I have been learning a lot! I thought I would post some of my favorite photos so far.

The Waterfall in the parking lot of the Snowflake, Arizona Temple

Ethan when we asked him what he thought of the pigs at the Navajo County Fair.

Playday with Tatum

The coolest pig at the Navajo County Fair

My very first shot with my new camera

Addy rockin big sunglasses like a rock star

This is getting really fun and I am learning a lot.