Thursday, January 21, 2010

Five Successes (just a little late)

This week is a tough one so bear with the ones I'm stretching a bit :)

  1. Shampooed the Family Room carpet! It looked awesome, until yesterday and the girls and the mud. . . But this post is about successes so. . . :)
  2. I got more than 50% of the laundry washed, dried, AND put away. First time in a long time. Laundry is my own personal dragon to fight. :S
  3. I cleaned out the coat closet. After all of the games, old mail, papers, random junk fell on my head. I'm talking like on a corny TV show where the deluge of crap just keeps falling out of the closet around the character's ankles, except in real life! LOL After I quit laughing I got cleaning and got it done! :)
  4. Beat Michelle and Tom at Rook 1000 to -15. Yep that says NEGATIVE 15, not a typo. :D
  5. Made it out on another walk/ run. Wish I had a treadmill or that it would quit raining/ snowing/ freezing so I could go again!
So there it is, what do you have to brag about? :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Successes!

Alright round two, hopefully it is easier to find 5 successes as this progresses. :)

  1. Took the twins to go visit my mom. She has been sick for a couple weeks and really missing her grandkids. I think it made her feel a lot better to see them.
  2. Got excited about running again! Michelle told me that she wants to run the Disneyland Half Marathon this September and I agreed to run it with her. I am really looking forward to this and can't think of anyone I would rather run it with! That means we have 235 days until race day so I realized I had better get started!
  3. Made 4 different dinners last night. No every kid didn't get their own special meal, THEY EACH ATE FOUR DINNERS!!! I am afraid we are smack in the middle of a big ol growth spurt again.
  4. Had a really fun Photo Shoot with Kim and her ADORABLE kiddos! Have I mentioned I love this job?
  5. SCRUBBED my bathroom. I mean yeah we do the pick ups and wipe downs but I haven't SCRUBBED it in a while.
So how about you? Any successes you want to brag about?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 Successes!

So my amazing friend Lynsie has inspired me to be better since the day I met her. She is one of those people who always seems to have the right attitude even though she has gone through things that are harder than I can really imagine. She was the one person who could ALWAYS settle down my son Ethan when he was fussy as a baby. She is always giving service, smiling loving, teaching, inspiring, beautiful, etc. etc. you know, one of those women you want to hate but just can't :). Well she has inspired me again. On her blog she did a post about her 5 successes for the day and I thought that was a great way to help me be more positive. I am not sure that I am quite successful enough to post 5 everyday so I have decided that on Tuesdays I will post my 5 successes for the last week. Here goes:

  1. Had all of the kids' rooms clean at the same time, for like 5 minutes but hey, we are looking at the positives here. :)
  2. Put away the clean laundry. All 52,478 loads of it!
  3. Had fun playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with the twinners! And didn't even get upset when they kept knocking the marbles all over the floor.
  4. Got both kids dressed, fed, medicated, and on the bus on time WITHOUT yelling at them!
  5. I found time for a shower everyday for the last 5 days!
So there you go. I love looking at the little successes, it helps me feel like I'm doing pretty well at this whole life thing. :)

Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith. - President Thomas S. Monson