Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whew better catch up!

Time gets away from me so dang fast!!

So a lot has happened since my last post so quick recap:

August:  Everybody went to school!  Ethan is in 5th grade at the brand new Technology Magnet School! (Go Techno Dogs!) His teacher is our friend Allen Leonard and we love that!  I remember being at NAU with Al and thinking "I cannot picture Al as a teacher!" But holy moly he is truly amazing at his job!  Ethan has also started playing the trumpet this year and he is actually pretty great at it and even better than that he LOVES it!  Emma is a big ol second grader this year.  She is at Jefferson School with Mrs. Mitchell.  Emma loves her and her class and her favorite thing is going to GATE. The Twinners started Kindergarten this year.  They love everything about school and especially their teacher Mrs. Sutphen.  They are also following in the tradition of being just way too smart for themselves like their brother and sister before them.  I started school again too.  I took a Chemistry class and a Psychology class this semester.  I am working on all of my prerequisites for the Nursing program at NPC.

September: I RAN THE DISNEYLAND HALF MARATHON!!!  Yeah, I actually made it and I loved it and am planning on another!  My parents were so amazing and they took the kiddos for the weekend and Greg, Michelle and I went to Anaheim for the race weekend.  Longer post about this to come...

October:  We moved offices!  The time finally came to shut down Patton and Green and open The Law Office Of Gregory D. Green, PLLC.  We moved into an actual office complex and we love it!  It is exciting and we think it will be a great thing for our family.

November:  Thanksgiving was great.  I love time spent with family, we missed those who couldn't come but enjoyed those we were able to spend it with.  The Twinners also turned 6!  They are so big and so sweet and I love them every single day!  The best present of the day: Boots!!

December:  So far has been a fun packed month!  Emma Jo was baptized! Beautiful day and wonderful time with family and friends; longer post to come... Got to go visit Greg's family before Christmas and had an awesome few days with them.  Came home to a beautiful Christmas Day.  Wonderful musical numbers and my parents were the speakers (I always enjoy when they speak).  Hated spending it wthout my brothers and their families but somethings can't be helped.  Attended the beautiful blessing of my brand new baby nephew Dylan Adair DeWitt and I couldn't be more in love with him!!  Spent an entire day with 2 of our very favorite people: THE NEENI CAME HOME!!! Well for the day anyway... We love them and miss them all the time and were so happy to have a normal day playing games and laughing and talking with them.  Today we will head to Safford to meet our two brand new nephews!  Kelly and Kevin are adopting two amazing boys tomorrow and then we will all head to the Gila Valley Temple to witness their sealing.  What a blessed December!

So there ya go, all caught up again and hoping to do a much better job from here on out!  Happy New Year to you all!