Wednesday, December 9, 2009

UGH! [or maybe not SO ugh :D]

So this is my blog and it is where I write down what things are happening in my life. I love how when you read blogs it sounds like everyone has perfect lives with perfect homes and perfect kids and time to decorate and craft and bake and cook and learn new skills and have super duper wonderful friends who they always think are great etc. etc. etc. Now don't get me wrong, I love my life and my family and my home and my friends but, it is soo far from perfect.

  • Right now my kids' rooms are trashed, I'm talking can't close the playroom door because of the dirty clothes and trash (eww I know) all over the floor.
  • My carpet in my family room has spots all over it that need to be cleaned and I have a carpet shampooer but I also have 4 kids that I have to have out of the way for the SEVERAL hours it takes to dry afterwards so I keep waiting for a good time to do that.
  • I haven't done my hair in 3 days.
  • Or worn makeup.
  • Hey I'm just happy to have showered! LOL
  • Dishes need done.
  • The Christmas decorations I have out have been completely rearranged and/or broken by my kiddos.
  • Oh and I haven't even put the tree up yet.
  • Not done Christmas shopping.
  • Don't have the stuff to wrap the presents I HAVE gotten.
  • My bedroom has about 52,000 loads of clean laundry on the floor next to the bed that need put away.
  • I have no idea what to make for dinner.
  • My car looks (and smells) like homeless people have been living in it.
  • I get grumpy with my kids even when I know I shouldn't.
  • I yell at my husband.
  • I let stress get me angry.
  • Sometimes my friends hurt my feelings and I don't know how to tell them.
  • So I just pretend they didn't.
  • I let Ethan's Asperger's make me cry, alot.
  • My twins hardly ever wear shoes. They hate them and I don't make them.
So there it is, my life isn't perfect it is worse than some people's and a lot better than a lot of people's and I am so grateful for it and for the "problems" I get to deal with. Because I have a house to be messy, kids (who ALWAYS love me even when I am grumpy) to make those messes, a husband to yell at (and who still loves me even though I do), a car to let homeless people (or maybe just me and my kids LOL ) "live" in (I swear we are in that car more than my house!), friends that love me even though I hurt their feelings sometimes too. I have a Savior whose birth is the reason I have all of those misplaced/ broken Christmas decorations. I have a Savior who understands all of my problems and not only loves me anyway, but is the help I need to make it through them so that I can so thoroughly enjoy and love my "not perfect" life. So never mind the "UGH", I think I've changed my mind about that. :D