Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Do It! Or Don't! It's really up to you though...

I hate political rants and posts on Facebook and such but I saw something today that said:

"like if you believe birth control should be a woman's decision, not a politician's."

I am a woman and my birth control has always been my own decision and I have always paid for it myself.  Even as a flat broke student.

So I am making my own:

"Like if you believe your birth control should be your responsibility and not the taxpayers'."  

There is always the option of not having sex... and that is free.  I just don't think I should have to pay into a system so that others can continue to enjoy biologically consequence free sex.

Ok, climbing down off my soapbox now... :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ok, I admit, I suck at this...

I can't stand the feeling of shame I get everytime I log on to the internet any longer. 

You see our home page is our blog and well as you may have noticed I haven't posted anything since January 26th.  Almost ten months...  Now, don't get me wrong, I still love reading all of your blog posts and seeing all of the cuteness that is your families, and truth be told, plenty has and is going on in our lives, I just can't seem to find the time to blog it, what with my very busy Facebook and Pinterest schedule... :)

So here is a quick recap of us for the last ten months:

  1. Still working out of the new office and we love it and it was the best decision for us for sure!
  2. Finished working as a TA for my professor in Holbrook.  So happy to never autoclave again if I can help it!
  3. Passed my CNA boards and am now basically licensed to be a mom... :D
  4. Kiddos all passed their grades this year (DUH) and we had a FAST summer break.  Tons of swimming lessons (all 4 kids can swim across the deep end of the pool now), playing outside and short trips for the family.  Our favorite: a quick trip to the Grand Canyon!  It was Greg's and the kids' first time, and they all loved it!
  5. We had our first Girls' Camp as the Stake YW Presidency.  It was absolutely fantastic.  We have to give credit to all of the amazing ladies who did know what they were doing because we sure didn't and a lot of the time we were just running on faith.  Implemented a new plan for YL's and it was a bit sticky but a huge tesimony builder for me and I know it was the right thing to do.  I love serving with the ladies I get to. They rock!
  6. Ethan turned 11 and since our 11-year-old scouts meet with the rest of the scouts in our ward, he has been getting to go to Mutual with Greg for 3 weeks a month and he is absolutely loving it!  Greg is loving having his Buddy there too. :)
  7. School is back in session for the kiddos and for mom!  Ethan is in 6th grade and is super lucky to have Ms. Leonard.  Emma is a 3rd grader and in her first year at the Magnet School.  She has Ms. Garner and boy has she loved it all! The twins are now over at Jefferson in 1st grade with Ms. Bratt.  I love that we actually know all of our kids' teachers and that they are all such fantastic people! I have started my Anatomy & Physiology I class and yes it is hard but I really love it.  I will be applying for the Nursing Program in January so I am really getting close now.
  8. Somehow I got roped into being a TA again this semster.  I have got to learn to say no!!  But it is good (so far), and this semester I am in Winslow with two other TA's which makes my job infinitely more easy!  Luckily I have already told the professors that there is no way I can do it next semester.  It is a great way to get extra study time and Christmas money though...
  9. Greg and I are still being band boosters and it is so much fun to work with the music teachers in our district and the great kids in the music programs.  Ethan is playing the baritone this year and he is so in love with it.
     The kid has loved music since he was a baby and I am glad that he has a real passion (and talent) for something NOT technology related.
So that is a quick gloss over of a few highlights from the past 10 months.  Here is to yet another attempt at keeping up with the blog better!