Thursday, March 4, 2010


So the other day I was doing pictures for Michelle (since she is looking awesome!) and Bailey would not stay out of the "studio". So I had to put Bailey into time out and oh was she not happy about that. She looked so pitiful I had to get a picture!

I showed Rory the picture and she said, "Hey you didn't take a picture of me!" I answered, "well you weren't crying." To which she replied, "Yes I was. I'm ALWAYS crying!"

Funny girls!

Yay me!

Just a quick note: actually started my running today. I have been walking but not really running.

But no more!

It was a small start but I had to start somewhere right? I have placed marks on the dike behind my parents' house every half mile. It is an awesome place to run, no people to watch me pant and wheeze as I crawl along, nice flat trail, pretty scenery, it just works for me. Today Greg and the twins dropped me off at one end and drove about halfway down and waited for me. There was no going back after that. Greg slept, the twins played with a whoopie cushion, and I trudged along. I made it a mile and a half mostly running but with some good long stretches of walking so that I wouldn't die. It was only 20 minutes but I was excited to have accomplished that much.

I really feel excited and happy and like this is going to work (and sore, ouch). So there it is, the start of my journey to the Disney Half Marathon.

Anyone out there who runs and has some advice or motivation for me lay it on me, I am so gonna need it!

Yay me! :)