Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Girls

My girls have been more than willing to be mommy's little models lately. I am loving it and got some pics I want to hang on the wall, especially since the last portraits of the twins were from when they were 2 weeks old! : S

Grandma Nita

July 9, 2009 was one year from the day that my Grandma Nita passed away. She was incredibly important in making me who I am and I miss her very much. This summer we got her headstone and my Dad, Mom, Aunt Jan and brother Brian all set it into concrete at her gravesite. Watching my mom as she first viewed the headstone when it was delivered and then again as it was finished at the gravesite was kind of beautiful to me so here is a peek into those days.

First day of school X 2!

So this year was Emma's first year of school and she was so excited to be a kindergartener! She had to have a new pink backpack and she simply had to wear her Twilight shirt for the first day, because everyone knows it is all about the first day fashions! :)

Yeah she was a little nervous walking into Mrs. Schuetta's (FANTASTIC Kindergarten teacher FYI) class, but mostly excited. I asked what she was the most excited about and she said, "I can't wait to learn to read like Buddy." I love that girl!

She looks up to her brother so much and wants to be just like him! I love him for taking that responsibility so seriously and always trying to be a good example to her. He takes time every afternoon to show her what he is learning in school and to help her with her homework. They are truly best friends, most of the time! ; )

Ethan Started 3rd grade this year. This year Winslow School District went to Grade level schools so he is at a new school and also a different one from Emma. He likes it because the third grade is the highest at his school so he is one of the BIG kids there! LOL His teacher is Ms. Gonzales and she has been absolutely amazing! We have loved her as Ethan's teacher and Ethan has had a fantastic time learning from her so far this year. He even has made a great little friend named Andrew, they play together almost everyday and they get along fantastically! It is awesome to watch my son make friends. He is truly loving 3rd grade!

As you can see he does NOT, however, love mom taking pictures ALL the time! LOL!!

Ethan's Baptism

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted so I am working on catching back up. (Thanks LeAnn) One of the major and best things that has happened since the last post was Ethan's baptism. He was baptized on July 10, 2009. He had so many friends and family able to be here and we really appreciate everyone who made the trip. His Grandma and Grandpa Green gave the prayers and his Grammie gave a talk on Baptism and Papa gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. They were all amazing. Greg was blessed to be able to baptize and confirm his son. I love this picture because it shows how truly thrilled Ethan was to make this covenant. I love Ethan and I am so proud of his example. With all that he has to overcome everyday he still finds time to be kind and loving. He has amazing patience with those he teaches and he loves to teach. He has a fantastic sense of humor and is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. I am so proud of him for his desire to always do what his right and for his joy in the gospel. I am blessed to be his mother.