Friday, October 22, 2010

Totally and Completely Plagiarized

Yep I will admit it... I stole this from my favorite blog "Better After".  I have been editing wedding pictures for what seems like an eternity and had to take a break since everything is looking the same now.  I love how a few clicks of the mouse can take an "OK" picture and turn it into WOWZA!  So here you go:

Do you despair when you see makeup ads featuring pore-less faces? Or smirk at the Victoria Secret models splayed across the catalogue, like, do they even NEED push-up bras? Ever wonder why Madonna, at age 51, barely looks a hair over 21? Well, she doesn't.

Seriously, whatever you do, don't let some pretty image in a magazine get you down, because only about 5% of the images we see in print have any sort of basis in reality. I just made that statistic up. But it's probably true.
Tyra: not flawless, but still fierce!

Jessica Alba is so slender and well-lit in the magical land of Photoshop.
Even the wrinkles on her clothes disappear!

If you want to be on the cover of a magazine, prepare to have half of your arm shaved away. Click for a bigger look.
And no, it's not just the ladies!
Oh, Justin, don't be mad at me. You know I love you.
Happy Halloween!