Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Ethan is s seven! I can't believe we have had him for seven years now but I also can't really remember life before him! He is an amazing little boy! He is so smart and so sweet. He is very loving and he really enjoys helping me. He loves to do service with his dad (especially cleaning the church). He loves to read, play marble blast ultra and hang out with his best friend Austin. He has a great sense of humor and loves to take care of his little sisters. His room is always a mess but he really does try. I love watching Ethan grow up. He really is my favorite son! ;)

He got to have his first friend party this year and he loved it. Ethan loves to be the host. Thanks to Auntie 'Chelle he had a great party with balloons, tons of cake, ice cream and soda, and noise makers!! That morning my Grandma Nita died and so I wasn't much for the party planning, Michelle took it all over and did it much better than I ever could have! Thanks Auntie 'Chelle you really made his day amazing! :)

Grandma Nita

I have started to write this post a hundred times and I am not a good enough writer to put how I feel into words on a page. so this is as good as it gets. My Grandma Nita was a great woman. I am like her in more ways than I like probably. She is why I am so stubborn, (well part of why), she is why I always say what I think, and she is why I worry about taking care of other people so much. She was so loving. She was my friend. She died July 9th, 2008. I miss my Grandma. But like my four-year-old Emma said, I know she is with Heavenly Father and I bet she is having so much fun!

Girl's Camp!

I was counting it up and this summer I go to go to Girl's Camp for my 10th or 11th time! I love it every time. It is so nice spending a week focusing on my testimony and my relationship with the Lord. I got to be our ward leader for the fourth year (15 year-olds) girls.

They get to go on a seperate overnight hike where they get some great lessons and they get to go rapelling.

It is a great time! One of the nights we were there we did a night hike. The girls went out in small groups on a hike in the dark where they came to several stations and heard little five minute talks. I got asked to give the talk on friends. I really loved getting to give that talk, I have been blessed in my life with good friends. From the time I started kindergarten my dad gave me a blessing every year before school and he always blessed me that I would have good friends and I always have. My friends have been good examples to me, they have helped me make better choices and they have held me to the standards that I want to uphold. They have been with me when things were hard and when things were wonderful. I am lucky today to still have such friends. That being said it is terrifying to be given an assignment at 2:00 pm to speak at 8:00! :)

On Sunday we got to have a full block of meetings out in the woods. Our Stake Presidency spoke to us and they gave some amazing talks. I know that I was one of the leaders and the talks were for the girls but I learned so much and felt my testimony grow.

All in all it was a fantastic week. I always appreciate my chance to go to Girl's Camp and look forward to lots more fun! :)