Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kids say the funniest things

So I knew there would be a point where my kids would be too cool for me but I thought I still had some time! Yesterday I decided to drive Ethan to school rather than have him ride the bus. I had spent most of the morning saying, "hurry Ethan, you're going to be late to school," much to his frustration. When we got to the school I stopped him as he got out of the car and said, "hey I love you son and I hope you have a really great day." Ethan looked at me and said, "I am probably going to be late because you had to say that, can I go?" A little disappointed I said, "sure have a great day." Then he made my day by smiling huge and yelling "oh yeah, I love you too mom! Have a great day with the girls!"

This morning we astounded Emma. She was telling us about how she is the twins' big sister and I said Uncle Jesse has a big sister (me) and Emma, mouth wide in amazement, asked, "you mean Uncle Jesse was a little kid?" I laughed and said "yes Uncle Jesse was a little kid" Emma just stared up at me and said "wow!" I figured with Uncle Jesse still being so much of a kid it wouldn't be so hard for her to imagine. LOL

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Vance's Sealing

So this weekend was amazing! For Christmas I got my mom's grandparents names ready to go to the temple. Greg and I went and did their baptisms and confirmations, My little brother and his wife did their initiatories and my older brother and his wife did their endowments. Then I took the temple name slips and made a wedding announcement that said, "Vivien Marie Gordon and Robert H. Vance request the honor of your presence at their temple sealing to be held at your earliest convenience, at the temple of your choosing." and we gave it to my mom for Christmas. We videotaped her opening it and she loved it. Well Saturday we finally got everyone together and went to the Mesa Temple and sealed my Great-Grandparents together! It was such an amazing experience. My Great Grandma died almost 2 years ago and I had spent most of my summers with her staying at our house so I really knew and loved her. My great Grandfather died before I was born and so I never knew him. But now after spending time in the temple on their behalf I feel closer to them now than I ever have and I am so grateful for this experience.