Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things That Are Awesome

It is my birthday and I am a whopping 32 years old! I remember when that was so old! I mean when my mom was 32 she had a son who was already a deacon and a 7 year old and a 4 year old, I had better get cracking!  I have been spoiled rotten today (or as my Grandma Nita used to tell me, "No CJ you are just well loved") and had a lot of fun!

I so far have learned a little about life, a lot about myself, my kids, and my strengths and not-so-strengths. I am usually a pretty positive person but I have my moments and the other day was one of those. I asked all of my friends on Facebook to help me make a list of "Things That Are Awesome" so that I can reread it anytime I need to be reminded just how good life is! This is what you guys came up with, if you want to add to the list just post a comment below. :)  My dad used to tell me, "The scripture says 'men are that they might have joy' not 'men are that they might wade through it all and endure'" So here is to at least another 32+ years of joy! :)

    • Corie DeWitt Green I will start: Clean Sheets, Dr. Pepper, Watching Funny Movies With My Bothers, My family, Hot Showers. . .
      September 21 at 3:45pm · 

    • Yvette Weisheit Nightly baths, REM sleep, hearing your favorite song on the radio when you requested it in your head, getting flowers from my husband, when my kids say something funny and I can brag about it to friends and family....
      September 21 at 3:59pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Heather Ely Carrell A husband that does laundry=AWESOME :)
      September 21 at 4:13pm · 

    • Brooke Greenstreet The moment your kids are in bed- awesome. Cheesecake Factory- awesome. Cool fall evenings- awsome. Bubble breaker app for the blackberry- way awesome.
      September 21 at 4:14pm · 

    • Chelsea McKinney You are awesome.
      September 21 at 4:17pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Ashby Stringham Hatch The beach, autumn weather, newborn babies lathered in Baby Magic lotion, sleeping in....
      September 21 at 4:32pm · 

    • Michelle Simmons Having movies memorized and someone who knows the reference immediately, game nights, making me laugh so hard I double over and want to cry, picking on Tom, playing Rook with your brothers and Dad.
      September 21 at 4:38pm · 

    • Michelle Simmons Ooh and my personal favorite today....being able to take a shower!
      September 21 at 4:38pm · 

    • Sheri Sadler Giles Desert rain. Clean babies. Cherry limeaids on a hot day. Cookie dough on a bad day. Kids laughter. Home. Naps. Music.
      September 21 at 4:40pm · 

    • Trisha Hardy The church, ME!!, your children, not having homework, chocolate cake, pools, having you in my life as a role model,the next harry potter comes out next month. hope that helps.
      September 21 at 4:53pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Jason Neenos Your cake, Me, Agricola, Glee, The smell right before it rains, Greg strutting around like a Peacock, Bleach (for you), the smell of a freshly struck match, tomato soup, deep-fried turkey, 5 player ticket to ride, Android phones, Your friends.
      September 21 at 5:10pm · 

    • Susie Brown I think your freaking awesome!
      September 21 at 5:20pm · 

    • Kelli Smithson Vogt Anything that makes me smile, my kids, family, and friends!
      September 21 at 5:57pm · 

    • Karl Kauffman Kittens, flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass, sunsets, the company family and good friends.
      September 21 at 6:13pm · 

    • Amber Eilertsen Jarvis Long hot showers, getting new clothes that look fab, hilarious movies, your amazing cake and crack... love you!
      September 21 at 6:32pm · 

    • Mike JoAnn DeWitt You, cuz you are such a good example to others!! Luv ya Corie Jo !!!
      September 21 at 6:46pm · 

    • Chantel Fleming Family, friends, deep fried turkey, Burn Notice, Glee, Music, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, authentic Mexican food, Chuck, Curling up in front of a fire on a cold day while drinking hot chocolate and reading a book, llamas, the smell of campfire and pinetrees, games. :)
      September 21 at 7:13pm · 

    • Greg Green tacos, kids, ice cream, cloudy days, snow days, not windy days, fast cars, 4-wheelers, the 4th quarter of a close football game, that moment when the kids are in bed and don't get up, having the laundry done, not having to change any more diapers, ceiling fans, Dr. Pepper, putting on lotion, not being short, fishing, that time my mom couldn't get back in the boat, new teeth, air conditioning . . .
      September 21 at 7:56pm · 

    • Hazem H. Qawasmeh a family reunion that is not planned, camping overnight in dreamland aqua park, waking up next to my wife, my kids, my Mom and a really funny joke you pull outta the air
      September 21 at 8:18pm · 

    • Lacy Range Phones, electricity, indoor plumbing, the gospel, kids because they are funny and some even like to eat dirt (my nephew) :)
      September 21 at 11:01pm · 

    • Michael Shumway I am awesome!!
      September 21 at 11:13pm · 

    • Michael Shumway And you are awesome too!! And your kids are awesome, and your hubby, and the rest of your family! And your friends, and watching movies, and playing games, and watching the Cats beat Iowa, and watching the Cats beat Cal this week, and being healthy, and .....
      September 21 at 11:14pm · 

    • Kim Bratt Henling Your photographs, El Rancho, a good run, Ohio State football
      September 22 at 8:23am · 

    • Rachel Larsen White A clean house, quiet, working out so hard you can't move anymore, a baby moving in my tummy, kids that are too cute and melt my heart, spring, fall, beauty in nature.
      September 22 at 8:32am · 

    • Jamie Hays The kids falling asleep in the stroller while you are on a jog, eating pizza, eating cookies...okay who am i kidding...eating just about anything, finishing a good book and listening to MoTab on Pandora.
      September 22 at 11:15am · 

    • Tracy Hardy Turley Being married to your best friend, having a forever marriage, knowing your children are your forever.
      September 22 at 6:35pm · 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

100th Post!!

So this is my 100th post. I have put it off because I felt like the 100th post should be something special. Well I was online today and watched this video and realized that this is probably one of the most important messages I could put on here for myself and for my kids in the years to come. I hope you watch it.  (Scroll to the bottom to stop the music player so you can hear the video)