Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow is it already 2011?!

So this year I want to do better about something, well several things, ok, a LOT of things but I want to narrow it down to just a few to make this self improvement thing manageable...  How many of you have already made "New Year's Resolutions"?  I'm sure most of you have, and I have meant to but there have just been so many things to get done... which brings me to number 1:

Stop Procrastinating: I have always been a procrastinator.  I like to claim that I do my best work under pressure (which I do) but a lot of the time it is really just that I haven't gotten to it yet.  So how do I go about this?  It is one thing to say I am going to stop procrastinating and an entirely different thing to make a plan and then put that plan in place.

I have heard a lot of ideas as to how to start.  "Make a to do list" (tried it, I even have TWO apps for that...  :S ), "keep a calendar" (I have one on my phone, computer, AND iPad), etc.  I think my biggest stumbling block is feeling overwhelmed and so I don't WANT to start.

So I plan to start by breaking my to do list into teeny tiny parts so that I get to cross things off more often and feel like I am making actual progress.  For example instead of entering "clean the kitchen" I will enter "empty dishwasher," "load dishwasher," "wipe down counters," well you get the drift, you know how to clean a kitchen... :)  So I will see how it goes and I will report back here.  I will start with my resolutions: I am going to do a series of posts here talking about each resolution one at a time and hopefully I get some good advice from all of you out there.  Maybe doing them one at a time won't be as hard as looking at a giant list. :)

But what do you guys think?  Have you ever had a problem with procrastination?  Did you overcome it?  How did you do it?  Or if you don't have the problem, what is your system?